Why should you use a serum?

Face creams and serums are not created equal. A modern cosmeceutical cream is a combination of water, oil (mineral, petroleum or silicone-based), active ingredients (hydrators, anti-oxidants, anti-ageing peptides, pollution filters, sunscreens), emulsifiers, preservatives and fragrance. These ‘ready-to-wear’, ‘all-in-one’ creams are perfect for a basic skin care regime. However, due to problems of chemical stability, the concentration of active ingredients in a cream is limited and is usually inferior to the number of active ingredients in a serum, especially water-based serums. At the Dr Sebagh Serum Bar, you can create your own, expertly customised skin care ‘cocktail’ to take your skin care regime to the next level.

Which type of serum is right for you?


Serums Exceptionally moisturising, oil-based serums are either organic, mineral or petroleum-based (silicone), very silky in texture and can be fragranced. They contain a moderate concentration of active ingredients, the quantity of which is limited because active ingredients are less soluble in oil.

Discover our oil-based serum: Rose de Vie.

Water-based Serums

Dr Sebagh pioneered the use of water-based serums in skin care. Fragrance-free, they are formulated with a concentration of up to 95% of different types of active ingredients, making them highly efficient. If you have very oily skin, water-based serums are perfect for you. They deliver the anti-ageing, protecting and repairing ingredients your skin needs without the oil found in creams and oil-based serums.

Discover our water-based serums: Serum Repair, Signature Serum, Supreme Maintenance and Platinum Gold Elixir.

How to customise your skin care at the Dr Sebagh Serum Bar:

If you blend one or two of Dr Sebagh’s water-based serums with a few drops of his oil-based serum (adjusting the number of drops to your own needs in terms of moisturisation), you will create the best ‘cream’ in the world (water + oil + active ingredients).

Your blended serum will have the highest concentration of active ingredients, meet your needs in term of prevention and reparation, and have the exact amount of moisturiser your skin needs.

This tailor-made ‘cream’ is beyond anything any brand can or will ever be able to offer you in a pot or jar. Another great benefit from customising your own ‘cream’ in this way is that it is perfect for combination skin. Combination skin is notoriously difficult to treat. However, by firstly using a water-based serum all over the face, you can give your skin the active ingredients and protection it needs without adding oil to any oily areas. Follow this water-based serum application with an oil-based serum on dry areas of the face only.

Customising your own perfect skin care in this way will transform your skin and give you results you have never experienced before.

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